Uploading and Managing files

To use the Bunny Storage for WooCommerce plugin a bunny.net account is required.


Please click on the Bunny Storage button to open the popup.

To upload a file, please click on the ‘Upload File’ button.

Uploading download2.zip
The popup will display all files in your Storage Zone.

Once a file is selected, it can be added as a download to the WooCommerce product by clicking on ‘Add selected file’.

The file from the Storage Zone has been added as a download.

Downloading Files

Users who have purchased the WooCommerce product can download the file from their account page.

The URL can be signed with a unique token to give temporary access to the file. For more information, please see this article.

If you would like to use a custom hostname instead of the standard ‘b-cdn.net’ hostname, please see this article.

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